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“Avi I.T. is a non-profit organization that works to introduce computer science to students for free through summer camps, pop-up events, community partnerships, and tech drives. We travel to underfunded schools and community centers to provide our classes, and we hope to mitigate the diversity gap in the computer science field by ridding all barriers - including financial and resource barriers - that may stop parents from enrolling their children in computer science classes.”

At Avi I.T. we never want individuals to pay out of pocket for our courses. This is why our slogan is “code for free.” We strive to mitigate all barriers that may stop people from enrolling in computer science courses. This is why we host free events throughout the year at our center and in the community. These events are funded through our organization and individuals never have to pay for these classes. We are known for our free summer program and afterschool program which you can find out more about on our website. Since we provide our classes for free in the community, offering our classes to outside organizations for no cost would cause us to struggle financially. We purchase all of our materials needed for courses and after time new materials are needed and items are damaged. Moreover, we pay our instructors for their time spent teaching and preparing for lessons, as well as their time and money spent traveling and hauling devices/materials. Our instructors are individuals from the community who we are providing with a job and economic growth opportunities (check out our website for more information pertaining to this). This is why we charge a cost to those looking to offer our courses. We consider our rates to be discounted and affordable - in comparison to other companies - to take organizations’ budgets into account. With that being said, we do not want there to be any barriers that stop organizations from offering our courses. If your school, organization, or community center is not able to afford our courses, we will work with you as best as we can to provide our courses at little to no cost. One day, we hope that we will not need to charge for offering our courses to outside organizations, but until that day, we hope you understand why we do request a fee.

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