Board of Directors

Avi Knotts | Founder & CEO Avi studies Information Science and Technology in the Honors Program at Temple University. She is an alumna of the Girls Who Code Summer Immersions Program and has taken computer science courses through Drexel University, the College Board, and Harvard University's online programs. Avi has taught herself 6 programming languages and is currently working on her Computer Service Technician (CST) certificate. She works part-time as a coding teacher, teaching game development, website development, and robotics. Avi loves helping out in the community. In her free time, she offers digital marketing and website development to small businesses. She volunteers as a database administrator for local churches and offers her graphic design and video editing skills to individuals and small businesses. Avi has taken missionary trips in the past, which included a trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica. In 2021, she conducted research in the artificial intelligence field to answer the question, “To what extent does the lack of racial diversity in the computer science field affect artificial intelligence (such as facial recognition) in the daily lives of minorities?” To summarize the research, a racially diverse computer science field could mitigate problems caused by algorithmic biases such as the racial biases found in the U.S. justice system’s use of facial recognition software used to predict criminality or worker competence. She plans on furthering her research and publishing her reports.

Matthew Ebron | COO Matt is a Medical Diagnostics student at the University of Delaware’s Honors College. As an internationally acclaimed and award-winning concert pianist, he has competed both nationally and internationally and has played in the prestigious Carnegie Hall. Matt’s background in music theory and his performance experience have been essential in his teaching positions, especially, his position as a teacher aid for piano students at a performing arts school where he provided both insights on their performance and mentorship. Matt is a huge volunteer in the community and is always looking for a new opportunity to give back. He’s volunteered annually at charities such as Toys for Tots and in his volunteering, he has found himself in management positions such as at the St.Elizabeth Ann’s carnival. He often combines his volunteer work with his talents by providing free accompaniment or his vocal skills to local choirs and organizations, including, the Filipino Youth Choir and many gospel choirs. Moreover, he is known for his work connecting the arts to STEM and education in the community at places such as SMArtSummer. Matt has worked in the technology field at places such as Apple, and is an award-winning graphic designer. In 2017, he won 3rd place in the nation for his Graphic Design creation with the Business Professionals of America. He used his skills in graphic design and technology to teach students in the Red Clay Consolidated School District and surrounding areas. Matt’s diverse background as a Filipino immigrant and his proficiency in 5 languages (Spanish, Tagalog, Japanese [intermediate], Mandarin [competent], and Korean [competent]) have played a huge role in our global endeavors and have allowed us to reach many.

Isaiah Jones | President Isaiah is a graduate from the University of Delaware, and is close to finishing his masters at Wilmington University. Isaiah has worked with kids since he was 14. He has spent many years working as a Camp Counselor, Behavioral Specialist, Dean of Students, Special Education Teacher, Fun Developer, Program Coordinator, Researcher, and volunteering in the community as a Choir Director. He has played a huge role in forming Avi I.T. Isaiah currently works as a Dean of Students at a middle school, where he helps students suffering from psychological issues, and manages the structure of the classrooms in the school.

Chayse Tucker | Vice President Chayse Tucker is a dance instructor from Sarasota, Florida. She has been dancing for over 7 years and started her teaching career at the age of 14 with multiple award winnging numbers. She is a graduate of the Jack and Jill of America youth group that focuses on bringing African American mothers and their children together to volunteer and help out in their communities. Chayse strives to help others and bring happiness in their lives in any way possible. In this case, she is using her skills learned through the Jack and Jill of America youth group and her teaching skills to help the community through Avi I.T.

Helena Hendrixson | Secretary Helena Hendrixson is a student at Temple University. She has shown a fierce dedication to educating children and a passion for public service. As a member of the Code Ninjas team, and as an 8 year intern for the acclaimed Wilmington Children’s chorus, Helena has taught young children useful skills and worked in finance and customer service. In March of 2021, Helena showed her commitment to public service when she was asked to join a committee dedicated to the Shirley Bulah school #107 being turned into a national park. Bulah’s Delaware case made up one of the five cases in the ground breaking Brown v the Board of Education Supreme Court ruling. Helena worked with Dr.Lynette Edwards and Senator Chris Coons on this project, coming up with ideas for public outreach and organizing art campaigns in local schools for the soft opening. Helena has demonstrated her high work ethic, resourcefulness, and trustworthiness in these endeavors.

Varasiddhi Vinay | Treasurer Siddhi Vinay is a student at Temple University. She has studied Indian Classical Music, Western Classical Music, and Bharatanatyam Dance for over 12 years, and through her passions she found a love for teaching. Siddhi has tons of experience teaching the arts; however, during the Covid-19 pandemic she was not able to teach. So, she decided to spend about a year doing research on sustainability from a STEM point of view. During her research, she focused on the economical benefits of renewable clean energy, and found that residents in areas that are considered low-income are less likely to be notified of the free, low-cost or government funded solar panel installations and their money saving benefits. When spreading awareness in these communities, many of the residents expressed that technology classes are not accessible in these areas and don’t exist in local public schools or community centers. This led Siddhi to work on a new project, teaching kids how to code at Avi I.T.